Space Age Materials


If you view our fused fantasies from different angles, you catch a spectacular flash of colors. This is a special glass developed for NASA's scientific optical instruments.  Dichroic glass is used in the space telescope and all kinds of scientific optical instruments.  A sixteen inch square of glass is placed into a vacuum chamber. Only a few companies produce the glass, and each one has their own secret formulas.

Exotic materials like titanium, magnesium, silicon and other metallic oxides and chemicals are vaporized in the chamber, putting 16 to 32 coatings of variable thickness onto the glass in molecularly thin layers. These coatings completely change the light passing and reflecting properties of the glass.

Next, Carolique performs special processing on the glass to transmute and change the glass and the coatings.  The coatings wrinkle up and change texture and color and become a fabulously colored stone that will last forever. Each one is cut and layered up to eight layers and formed into jewels you will be thrilled to wear.  Our years of experimentation produce colors, quality, and textures that few glass artists can match.

Selected items are mounted in unique wire sculptures with 14 carat gold and Sterling, and many are beaded with Czechoslovakian glass beads or Austrian crystal beads. Carolique produces original treasures that will be admired by your friends, and enjoyed for a lifetime.

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